Dogs and Love – Dogs in your Wedding Photos

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras 

When I get engaged I want my babies in the engagement photos, if not in the wedding  too!  I think it would be most tasteful and creative to include the little nuggets in Save the Date cards and engagement photos rather than in the actual wedding.  Involving the babies in the wedding may be easier said than done (and more importantly, it could be uncomfortable for the dogs).  So many great ideas to ponder!  More…

Below are some inspirational photos.  We WILL meet an amazing photographer one day that will bring this to life.  Why so many french bulldogs? french bulldog bow tie  In Summer 2011 we plan to get a brachycephalic bundle of joy!  Name is Bisco (patent pending) haha just kidding.  More on Bisco later…


Photo By Caroline Tran.  Her Blog

Caroline Tran BlogCaroline Tran Blog

English Bulldog Engagement Photo by Jules Bianchi.  Jule’s Blog

Jules Bianchi Blog

This photo is for Amy, David and Riley.  Photo by WhiteBoxWeddings

Also by Whiteboxweddings

I like these simple flower collars.  Photo by Sergio

Photo by OttawaDogBlog


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3 Responses to Dogs and Love – Dogs in your Wedding Photos

  1. Noturus says:

    A Frenchie in a tux – too cute.

  2. Amy Summers says:

    I copied that picture and will be taking this to any of the photographer interviews I go on!! I totally agree, you have to have “THE BABIES and BUDDIES” in at least one picture wedding and engagement!! Love it!!

  3. Kathy says:

    That is so cute – I love Bisco (and I don’t even know him yet), but the picture with the basset hound is perfect – it’s even the right guy’s colors – not sure about the flowers, but it is perfect!!

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