In Loving Memory of Daddy

Daddy passed away of Friday, Feb 19 2010.  He was 16 years old. King of calm-submissive, Daddy has been an instrumental part of reclaiming the true image of pit bulls as loving companions. 

Daddy was Cesar’s right hand dog since the beginning of Dog Whisperer. A pit bull who once belonged to rapper/performer Red Man, Daddy has assisted Cesar in countless rehabilitations. Daddy even assisted in the televised rehabilitation of Oprah Winfrey’s dog, Sophie. His solid presence was often a shock to problem dogs, but his energy ultimately taught them how to fit into the family unit’s “pack.” Photo Tribute Daddy by National Geographic

Daddy you will be missed dearly. 

Read Cesar’s Way Article.

daddy and junior
Daddy with Junior
Cesar and Daddy
Silly Daddy
Daddy is a Gentle Giant
Pack Leader, Daddy, Assisting Rehabilitation
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One Response to In Loving Memory of Daddy

  1. John says:

    That’s sad. I really haven’t watched the show that much, but there was one episode I watched when he brought Daddy to a church where the priests were wanting their German Shepard to be a guard dog or something. Anyways, I just remember thinking what a great looking Pit.

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