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Our Little Fame Monster, Lady Gaga

  Don’t call me GaGa I’ve never seen one like that before Don’t look at me like that You amaze me He ate my heart He a-a-ate my heart (You little monster) He ate my heart He a-a-ate my heart … Continue reading

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Lady Watching The Pit Boss on Animal Planet – Video

I’d like to follow-up from my Post: Dogs Watching Dogs on TV .  Here are two videos of Lady watching Animal Planet’s, The Pit Boss.  Be sure to also check out Lady’s other shining moments on YouTube (featured below and on the … Continue reading

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Dog Date – Walk Around The Lake

  Spring is here and on Saturday Lady had a big day!  We walked the 2 mile trail around Lake Pine in Cary in 70 degree weather.  After 5 unusual snows in Raleigh and plenty of rainy days, this first day of Spring was … Continue reading

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The Latest on Best Sushi

Since the first overview on sushi spots in the Triangle, I’ve been able to try a few things.  Here are some highlights on what I’ve updated in the original post:  Discover Local Eateries: Part I Sushi.  I have added a few new favorite … Continue reading

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