The Latest on Best Sushi

Since the first overview on sushi spots in the Triangle, I’ve been able to try a few things.  Here are some highlights on what I’ve updated in the original post:  Discover Local Eateries: Part I Sushi.  I have added a few new favorite rolls from Sushi Blues, an interesting selection from Sushi Thai, and I’ve moved one Sushi joint from the LIKE IT list to nada.  

Sushi Blues.  I had the best girls night out and probably the best Sushi Blues date yet.  The photo says it all.  We ordered 6 roles to create this amazing platter.  My new Sushi Blues favorites are the Across The Street Carmen Roll and the Cotton Club Roll.  They both beat the Wolfpack Roll and everything else on this platter.  Overall Sushi Blues does it very well and remains on the LOVE IT list.

Sushi Platter - Sushi Blues

Pictured Above:  Sushi rolls starting at the two red Wolfpack Rolls at the 11:00 clock position and moving clockwise: Spider Roll at 12:00, Blues Roll at 2:00 just past the green wasabi mound, Cotton Club Roll at 3:00, and the Across the Street Carmen Roll at 7:00. Cotton Club Roll = Shrimp, crab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and masago, wrapped in datemaki 8.50.  Across the Street Carmen Roll = Shrimp tempura, sweet potato, zucchini, spicy mayo and roe 9.95. 

Shushi Thai (Cary).  Interesting choices I made here – but good.  I ordered the French Roll (seen below), a safe bet, mostly cooked food like shrimp and crab.  It was large and the flavor pretty basic.  French Roll: snow crab, shrimp, crab sticks, cream cheese, avocado, masago, and sesame seeds 10.95. Ordering the Four Seasons was more of a bold move considering the abundant roe (fish eggs) on top (behind the French Roll below). Roe in orange, red, green, and black.  Each roe tasted the same. Four Seasons Roll: tuna, avocado, cucumber, scallions, sesame seeds, and four kinds of roe 9.95. Word to the wise:  There is a similar restaurant in Raleigh and it pops-up on Google (and has the same red and black japanese logo) yet it is totally different and unaffiliated with the Cary restaurant.  So careful before you dial for take-out! …oops. Ha!

Waraji.  I ordered the Shrimp Tempura Roll and the Crunchy Roll.  My coworker ordered the same.  The two rolls are a backwards version of each other.  She liked it.  I wasn’t blown away.  My friend Kathy and I agree that Waraji is hit or miss.  Kathy really likes the Dragon Roll; I have a few other friends who like Waraji including my boyfriend.  After a few ‘misses’ I have knocked Waraji off the LIKE IT list.  Buhbye.

Today I took a client out to lunch in Durham.  She is vegetarian and wanted to go to Cafe Zen off Blackwell street.  I was so thrilled to go! I studied the menu last night and I selected the Crunchy Roll and Rainbow Roll for today’s order.  We arrived and found Cafe Zen closed.  It’s just after six ‘clock and I called and got the restaurant’s voicemail.  I am afraid they could be shut down.  Who knows? Luckily it was a beautiful day outside (70 degree weather after all this NC snow!) and we strolled down to Mellow  Mushroom for amazing build-your-own-salads.  Yes, I resisted the pizza.  Today was one of the best salads on my life!  More on sushi in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading. I want to hear from you. I welcome you to leave comments on favorite rolls, good and bad experiences, and anything you’d like to share with sushi lovers around the Triangle. Don’t forget to visit the Sushi Poll (scroll to bottom) to vote for your favorite Sushi Restaurant(s) in our area.

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One Response to The Latest on Best Sushi

  1. Kathy says:

    Yay, I got the honorable mention!! I haven’t been to Sushi Blues in forever, so the next girls night we should go again because I want to try some of those yummy rolls!! Keep the Blogs coming – XOXO:)

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