Lady Watching The Pit Boss on Animal Planet – Video

I’d like to follow-up from my Post: Dogs Watching Dogs on TV .  Here are two videos of Lady watching Animal Planet’s, The Pit Boss.  Be sure to also check out Lady’s other shining moments on YouTube (featured below and on the Love In Blue Homepage) and vote for your favorite.  She loves her fan club and will continue to ham it up for you all.  Enjoy.



YouTube Dogstar

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2 Responses to Lady Watching The Pit Boss on Animal Planet – Video

  1. Noturus says:

    I’m amazed that Lady is so well behaved watching dogs on TV. When Jingles, our elderly matron, watches any animal on TV she goes into attack mode. Secretly, I believe she knows they don’t really exist and therefore it’s save to attack them without fear of retaliation.

  2. haha thats funny. I bet you’re right, Jingles feels big and strong in the safety of home. I think the dogs can understand what the dogs are saying on TV but when they bark back (from home) they don’t understand why they aren’t heard by the dog on TV. Then the whining and grunting begin.

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