Three Sushi Encounters in ONE week! Ginza Remains on the LOVE IT list

This week I was lucky enough to have sushi on three occasions; I am sushi spoiled!  My first dinner of the week:  I wanted to head over to Ginza after a long Monday.  My boyfriend is not a sushi lover so he compromised with me and we ended up at Red Bowl in Cary.  He ordered sweet and sour chicken and I had one Tsunami Roll and one Spicy Tuna roll with a side of unagi sauce.  Neither sushi rolls were something to write home about; in fact, I’ve had the Tsunami Roll before and remembered it tasting much better.  So he agreed on a Ginza date on Friday night (lucky me!).  I could already taste it.  Couldn’t wait. 

Second Sushi spot:  When planning a business lunch later in the week I learned that my client liked Sushi so we quickly selected the restaurant new to Brier Creek, Tasu Sushi Bar Asian Bistro.  Tasu wins the ambiance award for the week.  It also takes the Menu and Service Award as well with tons of speciality rolls to choose from accompanied by a very knowledgable staff to help with your selections.  Pictured below from left to right:  Manhattan Roll, Dynamite Roll, Fashion Eel Roll, and Caterpillar Roll. Of these four I enjoyed the Fashion Eel Roll the most (bottom, middle of photo).  The eel taste was not strong and the cream cheese was a nice touch.  My second favorite was the Dynamite Roll.  I hear their Dragon Roll is great as well.  I have yet to find an online sushi menu but I definitely recommend trying Tasu!  Tasu earns a spot on the “LIKE IT” list untill I am able to try more rolls.

Friday and we finally arrived at Ginza among fabulous company!  This is the second time this week I’ve discussed sushi with 2 others who recommend Shaba-Shabu but have never been to Sono or Sushi Blues.  It was great to exchange Sushi recommendations; Shaba -Shabu is next!  Pictured below from top to bottom:  Chef’s Special, Rainbow, Cary Parkway, Shaggy Dog.  Chef Special and Shaggy Dog win for best rolls at Ginza.  Hint – you must ask for the full sushi menu (the paper menu with full descriptions and boxes to select your rolls).  The bottom 6 rolls or so on this menu are the additions not found on the dinner menu.  Other poplar rolls here are The Cary Parkway Roll, large and spicy, and the Caren Roll topped with spicy tuna with shrimp tempura inside.  Next Photo:  Shaggy Dog and Caren Roll.  I got even luckier when my boyfriend (finally) agreed to try sushi again and he really liked the Shaggy Dog roll. Other sushi adventures and related posts found here.  Ginza remains on the “LOVE IT” list. 

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3 Responses to Three Sushi Encounters in ONE week! Ginza Remains on the LOVE IT list

  1. Noturus says:

    Yum! Now I have a reason to visit Raleigh without bringing the dogs. I’ll bring the wife instead.

    • Absolutely! Raleigh has so many options. I guess dining outside on the patio with the wife and dogs would be the ultimate combination…but hopefully no dropped raw fish on the ground for the pups to get.

  2. saratogajean says:

    Good sushi restaurants are indeed an awesome find.

    I’m drooling over these pictures!

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