Lady is getting a friend. So why a Boston?

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are known as the American Gentleman. They are compact in size and they are great companion dogs. Bostons are highly intelligent; you can train a boston to do just about anything.  In the video below you will see a teenager who has trained her boston (also named Gus!) to do 15 tricks at 6 months of age. Amazing!


Jason and I first fell in love with a boston terrier at a surf shop in the Outer Banks.  The dog just hung out in the store all day with his owner.  The owner would hold his finger out to chest height and commanded “touch”. The Boston would leap up in one bound to touch his nose to his owner’s finger. He repeated the trick several times. We couldn’t stop talking about the adorable little baby for the rest of the trip.  Little did we know we would end up getting one.

Dog owners and dog lovers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But does having a certain dog say something about you? Some say “yes”. Check out what your dog says about you!  Here is what we found out “about us”: Owners of Boston terriers are compassionate people that make lifelong good friends. They are very friendly and happy people. Friends consider them to be extroverts with a silly streak. They love practical jokes and making people laugh. They are kind and respectful of others and rarely have a negative thing to say. Favorite TV show: Punk’d.

We are really looking forward to getting to know Gus’ personality.  Bostons are very sensitive to sound and the tone of your voice.  That’s probably why they are so easy to train.  You have to check out this video that demonstrates their sound sensitivity.

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