Picking a puppy from the litter. Why Gus is for us!


boston terrier puppy at 7 weeks

Gus the Boston Terrier at almost 8 weeks

Why Gus was the right choice for us: Selecting your puppy from the litter is an important step. Cesar would back me up in saying you don’t want the first puppy that runs up to you and licks your face.

anious litter mates

Gus' Anxious Litter Mates

You want the least dominate of the pack because that puppy will have the most calm-submissive attitude. You want to choose a dog that is one energy level below the energy of your household. We selected a male to avoid any same-sex aggression issues. We know Lady will be three times the size of Gus and she is used to being an only child.  We also selected Gus for the traditional boston markings on his head. Typically dogs who have predominately white heads and ears show signs of deafness. The key is asking your breeder a ton of questions.  Ask questions about the parents, past litters, the puppies’ health, health guarantee, and ask her to describe the temperaments of each dog. A good breeder will be glad to hear you asking all the questions and she will always be available for questions throughout the puppy’s life.

gus with his litter

Gus on bottom right with the speckled nose

Gus with his litter mates

Gus is the most calm-submissive boston in the litter

At eight weeks, Gus is the smallest of the litter weighing 4.5 pounds. His biggest brother, Brutus (pictured on far right), weighs 1.5 pounds more than Gus. No wonder he is bigger; Brutus also pushes his litter mates away to nurse from his mother. Brutus is a bully to Gus. This is natural. Hopefully the bullying will prepare Gus for playing with a dog three times his weight. Gus was a huge momma’s boy at 7 weeks. 

boston loves his mom

Gus being a momma's boy

Hopefully the love that Gus has for his mom will be an indicator of the love he will have for Lady. The breeder tells us Gus is gaining his independence from his mom and playing well among his litter mates.

 We have whole game plan outlined for Gus’ first day home. Stay tuned for the blog on dog introductions. And wish us luck!

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