About Lady

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Name:  Lady Green     

Alias:  booboo, snuggles

Birthday:  June 1, 2008    

Breed:  American Staffordshire Terrier aka pit bull

Coat:  Blue      

Weight:  61 lbs      

Family:  Jason (Dad), Jenna (Mom)      

Spouse:  “I meet a boyfriend everywhere I go”      


She was dropped off to us out of the blue one day. We planned on getting a pit bull already, so when we received the call we were thrilled!! When we met Lady she was in bad condition.  

poor thing

 The poor thing had round worms, hook worms, a skin infection, an ear infection, internal bleeding, fleas, and other unknown critters crawling in her coat.  She needed a home and loving parents.  That part was easy!      


For weeks and weeks she didn’t play or show the personality we know today.  All she could really do with a tummy full of worms was lay around or scratch her sensitive coat all day long.  She was pitiful.  Doctor ordered a daily medicated bath for 2 months.      

puppy scratching

Meet Lady


puppy in bath tub

First Bath


little itchy


Slowly but surely, the meds kicked in and she felt less and less wormy, itchy, and miserable.  Before we knew it she was bouncing around.  Fetching her plush toy lobster was second nature.  Plush toys didn’t last long.  She went through a baby kong, medium-sized kong and large kong faster than lightning.  Indestructible?  I don’t think so.  Her 4th kong, the extra-large black kong, is like a Raggedy Ann doll but its hanging in there so far!     

Lady is full-grown at 62 lbs.  She has a healthy appetite for Milkbones, fresh carrots and banana slices.      

dog on yoga matt

"Up in the gym just workin on my fitness"



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