Lady Watching The Pit Boss on Animal Planet – Video

I’d like to follow-up from my Post: Dogs Watching Dogs on TV .  Here are two videos of Lady watching Animal Planet’s, The Pit Boss.  Be sure to also check out Lady’s other shining moments on YouTube (featured below and on the Love In Blue Homepage) and vote for your favorite.  She loves her fan club and will continue to ham it up for you all.  Enjoy.



YouTube Dogstar

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Dog Date – Walk Around The Lake


Spring is here and on Saturday Lady had a big day!  We walked the 2 mile trail around Lake Pine in Cary in 70 degree weather.  After 5 unusual snows in Raleigh and plenty of rainy days, this first day of Spring was made for Lady. Continue reading

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The Latest on Best Sushi

Since the first overview on sushi spots in the Triangle, I’ve been able to try a few things.  Here are some highlights on what I’ve updated in the original post:  Discover Local Eateries: Part I Sushi.  I have added a few new favorite rolls from Sushi Blues, an interesting selection from Sushi Thai, and I’ve moved one Sushi joint from the LIKE IT list to nada. Continue reading

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Doggie Play Date – Pit Bull and Lab

Lady with Macy, the yellow lab. 

lab and pit bull sniffing
Hi Friend!

  Continue reading

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In Memory of Daddy – Cesar Millan Speaks


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Discover Local Eateries: Part I Sushi

sono sushi menu

What I love about dining is the discovery of unique places, tasty food of course, and gathering with great people.  I live in the heart of Cary, NC near Cary Parkway where you can find plenty of chain restaurants.  While I love the side salads at Outback and the Chicken Bryan at Carrabbas, I like to take chain restaurants in small doses.  There are so many unique, undiscovered restaurants so why go to a chain?  Continue reading

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Dogs Watching Dogs on TV

Dogs Watching Dogs on TV.  Do They really know what’s going on? According to some experts, dogs don’t see TV as we see it.  They can notice shapes and movements, recognize sound, but they need smell to understand it full-circle.  I don’t buy it! 

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In Loving Memory of Daddy

Daddy passed away of Friday, Feb 19 2010.  He was 16 years old. King of calm-submissive, Daddy has been an instrumental part of reclaiming the true image of pit bulls as loving companions. 

Daddy was Cesar’s right hand dog since the beginning of Dog Whisperer. A pit bull who once belonged to rapper/performer Red Man, Daddy has assisted Cesar in countless rehabilitations. Daddy even assisted in the televised rehabilitation of Oprah Winfrey’s dog, Sophie. Continue reading

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Dogs and Love – Dogs in your Wedding Photos

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras 

When I get engaged I want my babies in the engagement photos, if not in the wedding  too!  I think it would be most tasteful and creative to include the little nuggets in Save the Date cards and engagement photos rather than in the actual wedding.  Involving the babies in the wedding may be easier said than done (and more importantly, it could be uncomfortable for the dogs).  So many great ideas to ponder!  More…

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What Makes a Great Pit Bull?

Great pit bulls come from one thing: responsible ownership.  When they are loved and well-cared for they make wonderful pets and companions.  Pit Bulls continually out-rank other popular breeds in temperament studies by the American Temperament Test Society.  Pit Bulls ranked much higher for family pet ownership over breeds like the Collie, Dachshund, Beagle, Chihuahua, Airedale Terrier, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle and more.  It was a great moment in pit bull history when Sport Illustrated published this article.        

Sport Illustrated Cover

read this


Celebrity Pit Lovers         

 The number of celebrity pit bull owners may surprise you.  Responsible owners include Continue reading

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