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Picking a puppy from the litter. Why Gus is for us!

  Why Gus was the right choice for us: Selecting your puppy from the litter is an important step. Cesar would back me up in saying you don’t want the first puppy that runs up to you and licks your … Continue reading

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In Memory of Daddy – Cesar Millan Speaks


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In Loving Memory of Daddy

Daddy passed away of Friday, Feb 19 2010.  He was 16 years old. King of calm-submissive, Daddy has been an instrumental part of reclaiming the true image of pit bulls as loving companions.  Daddy was Cesar’s right hand dog since the beginning of Dog Whisperer. A … Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Pit Bull?

Great pit bulls come from one thing: responsible ownership.  When they are loved and well-cared for they make wonderful pets and companions.  Pit Bulls continually out-rank other popular breeds in temperament studies by the American Temperament Test Society.  Pit Bulls ranked much higher for family pet ownership … Continue reading

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