Picking a puppy from the litter. Why Gus is for us!


boston terrier puppy at 7 weeks

Gus the Boston Terrier at almost 8 weeks

Why Gus was the right choice for us: Selecting your puppy from the litter is an important step. Cesar would back me up in saying you don’t want the first puppy that runs up to you and licks your face.

anious litter mates

Gus' Anxious Litter Mates

You want the least dominate of the pack because that puppy will have the most calm-submissive attitude. You want to choose a dog that is one energy level below the energy of your household. We selected a male to avoid any same-sex aggression issues. We know Lady will be three times the size of Gus and she is used to being an only child.  We also selected Gus for the traditional boston markings on his head. Typically dogs who have predominately white heads and ears show signs of deafness. The key is asking your breeder a ton of questions.  Ask questions about the parents, past litters, the puppies’ health, health guarantee, and ask her to describe the temperaments of each dog. A good breeder will be glad to hear you asking all the questions and she will always be available for questions throughout the puppy’s life.

gus with his litter

Gus on bottom right with the speckled nose

Gus with his litter mates

Gus is the most calm-submissive boston in the litter

At eight weeks, Gus is the smallest of the litter weighing 4.5 pounds. His biggest brother, Brutus (pictured on far right), weighs 1.5 pounds more than Gus. No wonder he is bigger; Brutus also pushes his litter mates away to nurse from his mother. Brutus is a bully to Gus. This is natural. Hopefully the bullying will prepare Gus for playing with a dog three times his weight. Gus was a huge momma’s boy at 7 weeks. 

boston loves his mom

Gus being a momma's boy

Hopefully the love that Gus has for his mom will be an indicator of the love he will have for Lady. The breeder tells us Gus is gaining his independence from his mom and playing well among his litter mates.

 We have whole game plan outlined for Gus’ first day home. Stay tuned for the blog on dog introductions. And wish us luck!

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Lady is getting a friend. So why a Boston?

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are known as the American Gentleman. They are compact in size and they are great companion dogs. Bostons are highly intelligent; you can train a boston to do just about anything.  In the video below you will see a teenager who has trained her boston (also named Gus!) to do 15 tricks at 6 months of age. Amazing!


Jason and I first fell in love with a boston terrier at a surf shop in the Outer Banks.  The dog just hung out in the store all day with his owner.  The owner would hold his finger out to chest height and commanded “touch”. The Boston would leap up in one bound to touch his nose to his owner’s finger. He repeated the trick several times. We couldn’t stop talking about the adorable little baby for the rest of the trip.  Little did we know we would end up getting one.

Dog owners and dog lovers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But does having a certain dog say something about you? Some say “yes”. Check out what your dog says about you!  Here is what we found out “about us”: Owners of Boston terriers are compassionate people that make lifelong good friends. They are very friendly and happy people. Friends consider them to be extroverts with a silly streak. They love practical jokes and making people laugh. They are kind and respectful of others and rarely have a negative thing to say. Favorite TV show: Punk’d.

We are really looking forward to getting to know Gus’ personality.  Bostons are very sensitive to sound and the tone of your voice.  That’s probably why they are so easy to train.  You have to check out this video that demonstrates their sound sensitivity.

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We are expecting!

Finally the time has come to add our second child.  We have been connecting with breeders and researching like it was our job.  After a lot of busy hours on the internet and in book stores we found a local, reputable breeder we liked and went to visit.  With all the work we’d done you’d think we were buying a house! Or having a real human child! We are excited to announce that we are expecting a Christmas baby! 


Can't wait for Christmas

Can't wait for Christmas

He is a boston terrier from North Carolina.  He is 8 weeks old and about 5 pounds.  His name will be Gus.  Gus will be coming home with us on Dec 16th 2010.  Needless to say we are counting down the days and buying looooots of toys. 

Gus the boston terrier

Meet Gus

Why not a French bulldog? The plan has not changed to get a frenchie, but the timing has.  Down the road we will get a frenchie. His name will be Bisco. Yes, like Nabisco crackers. Lady, get ready for Gus.

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Three Sushi Encounters in ONE week! Ginza Remains on the LOVE IT list

This week I was lucky enough to have sushi on three occasions; I am sushi spoiled!  My first dinner of the week:  I wanted to head over to Ginza after a long Monday.  My boyfriend is not a sushi lover so he compromised with me and we ended up at Continue reading

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Lady Adjusts Her Bed to Get Cozy Video

Lady is very particular about how she’ll sleep…

More funny videos of lady sleeping, snoring, dozing off on her grandpa’s lap watching Chelsea Lately HERE!

YouTube Dogstar

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SPCA K9 3K Dog Walk – Raleigh, NC


Final numbers are in!  On Saturday, April 17th 2010 the Second Annual SPCA Dog Walk Fundraising goal of $200,000 for the care of homeless pets was met! Final totals come to $213,854 funds raised by the participation of 3,200 dog walkers and 1,500 dogs. Visit the SPCA of Wake County website for more information and official event photos posted next Saturday. View 100 photos of the Dog Walk by clicking here.

Congratulations to team Love in Blue for completing your first Dog Walk!  Small steps have been taken toward this great cause.  If you wish to donate you can click on this link and then select the big orange donate button “Donate to this Walk Participant”.  It’s never too late to save a homeless pet! 

See the Love In Blue 2010 SPCA K9 3K Video

Honorable Mentions:  The SPCA “Pit Crew” team raised over $9,600.

Photo Credit:  Photo and Article on the PitCrew

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Lady Meets Opossum


This is what we found lady barking at one Friday night.  Gross!

Check out the video.

Lady was not a fan of the fence-lurking marsupial.  I hope the rodent doesn’t visit again.

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What’s blue and white and yellow all over?

Lady during pollen season!

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Upcoming Events for Love in Blue

Hello again loyal readers! Thanks for your patience (and happy April by the way!).  There have been a lot of exciting things Lady and I would like to share with you but I guess we have been so busy doing them we haven’t written!  I would like to take the opportunity to share what’s coming next and find out what you want to hear about.  As you may know, this is my second full month in the blogosphere and I would love to know what you want to hear about…what cool dog date ideas you may have….what interesting findings you’ve come across on dogs, pit bulls, things that are blue, or local restaurants to the Raleigh area.  Love in Blue isn’t about one specific thing but I do like to carry these themes: dogs, positivity, blue, and discoveries/adventure!  Please share your ideas 🙂

So here’s what’s coming!

What’s Blue and White and Yellow all over??? (one hint…spring flowers)

Top 10 Doggie Dates

Lady Goes Camping at Umstead Park – last weekend, I took over 100 photos!

K9 3K Dog Walk in Downtown Raleigh Supporting the local SPCA for finding pets a home – April 17th

Lady Hikes 6 miles at Umstead – this weekend

More videos

Stay tuned…

I will post this weekend!  I look forward to hearing from you.  You can catch me by commenting here or privately at email.

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Our Little Fame Monster, Lady Gaga


Don’t call me GaGa
I’ve never seen one like that before
Don’t look at me like that
You amaze me
He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart
(You little monster)
He ate my heart
He a-a-ate my heart out
(You amaze me)
                          – Gaga “Monster” lyrics



Why we call Lady a monster. 

Jason and I call Lady a monster because Continue reading

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